King Competition Shotgun Belt (Velcro)

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This belt is the best what you can get for dynamic shotgun reloading! This product has been designed by IPSC shotgun World Champion Kim Leppänen. Belt has all of the necessary features and it is extremely comfortable to use. Material is durable leather. The belt does not have any holes for the screws, you can drill these easily by yourself. For example, with 5 millimeter wood drill bit. All screw heads will be protected below the belt inner layer. The inner layer is made of soft leather, which has very good traction. The belt stays exactly where you put it, and does not move on your waist. A alternative for bolt mounting, is a velcro/hook-and-loop-version. This option allows you to attach a hook-taped backing plate directly to the belt. The hook-and-loop option allows the bolt mounting option also. You need buy hook and loop tape separately for rigs. The belt is comfortable to wear for long match or training days. Used leather materials give the belt required softness and stiffness. The flexible section guarantees good fit and makes the belt comfortable when moving or crouching.Belt loop is closed with hook-and-loop, and the loop opens up if the belt gets trapped. Sizes are true measurements. Please check your true circumference measurement before placing a order. Pant sizes are often smaller than actual waist measurement. Also the shotgun belt will ride higher, partly on your belly. S-size-fits approx 70-87cm circumference M size fits approx 85-102cm circumference L size fits approx 100-117cm circumference XL size fits approx 110-127cm circumference


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